Packaged Frozen: The Best Method for Storing Dog Food

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Why Fresh-Frozen?

Fresh-frozen is a superior method of preparing and storing food for dogs. Period. No bag or can will ever come close.

Can you imagine what has to be done to meat ingredients if you wish to store them at room temperature… for four years? Ever notice that cans and bags will stamp the expiration date on the package, but not the date it was made?

The reason for this is simple: the average shelf life of dog food is four years — even many of the premium priced brands fall into this category.

Being stored for years at room temperature will never offer the nutritional value provided by fresh cooked ingredients that are instantly frozen.

The frozen method allows us to store the food for one year without the use of ANY preservatives. A multi-year shelf life benefits only the manufacturer. It does nothing for the long-term health and well-being of your dog.

Packaged Frozen: Fresh-Frozen Dog Food

Vacuum Sealed and Frozen: Our Method for Maintaining Nutritional Integrity.

We believe our recipes and preparation methods are the best and most practical solutions to a nutritious diet for your dog. Our food is vacuum sealed and frozen immediately after chilling; a technique which allows us to maintain the nutritional integrity of the food.


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