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korean k9 rescue fritos

Like many others who learned about Fritos’ story, we first noticed him on Korean K9 Rescue’s (KK9R) Instagram.

“We had known about KK9R’s remarkable work for years, so we knew they would be our first choice when we were ready to adopt a puppy,” said Fritos’ future foster Maura.

And when Maura first saw a snapshot of Fritos captured on his lost and found date (May 7, 2022), the visceral feeling that washed over her was indescribable. Maura was immediately determined to find a way to meet this special pup and to help him heal however she could.

“Fritos’ presence was palpably sweet and kind, and he was so clearly ready for–and in need of–the care he deserved. From the moment he saw him, something about this sweet little guy just seemed magical,” said Maura.

While KK9R kept Fritos in quarantine and started his initial treatment for his infections and concerningly low weight, Maura persistently reached out to KK9R again and again to say that she just knew she (along with her partner Jerry) were the right people to foster Fritos.

After a successful interview to foster and meeting Gina and Vicky, the incredibly passionate duo behind KK9R, Maura was approved to bring Fritos home to foster him and help him recover from his clearly deeply traumatic ordeal. She was so excited to pick Fritos up from their unassuming Queens HQ, but was also incredibly nervous. Maura and Jerry are both lifelong dog people, but she couldn’t help but wonder what she was getting herself into fostering a pup in such rough shape.

After Maura brought him back to her studio apartment, Fritos thoroughly explored every nook and cranny before settling into his oversized doggy bed for a much-needed rest. He had to wear what we affectionately termed his “doughnut” around his neck at this point to prevent him picking at all of his scabs, but he dozed right off with some relaxing music in the background. We’ve subsequently learned that Fritos is quite the classical music aficionado!

Though he met Maura first, his affection for his (future dad!) Jerry was instantaneous.

“We couldn’t help but notice Fritos’ calm demeanor in our company, even though our time together as fosters was slated to be brief. It was as if the puzzle of his life was complete. And for that matter, it felt as though our own lives had been changed overnight as well.”

At this point Fritos had already gained quite a little internet following, and his supporters quickly noticed when he was out and about.

“KK9R would post updates about Fritos, and we put together an Instagram for him as well so people could come along on his journey to healing and finding his forever home. Somehow, it was only a week into fostering him when we first ran into someone who recognized him on the street! We’d signed up to foster an amazing doggy, but what we didn’t realize was that we had a minor celebrity on our hands!”

“Once he got his bearings, we discovered that Fritos loved walkies. He was walking up to three miles a day after his first week, and the whole time we were constantly feeding him Just Food For Dogs (which we fondly call JFFD) Skin and Joint Formula on the recommendation of KK9R.”

Combined with numerous meds from his wonderful vet, every other day bathtimes with special shampoo, and additional healthy snackies of sun butter and salmon helped Fritos put on the pounds day by day. Watching him slowly get his fur and weight back was like watching our child learn to walk–we were so proud of him each and every day. And we still are!”

“A few months went by, and Fritos was healing from his neuter and returning to health. His fur continued to grow, and his infections were finally under control. We knew we had to one day let him go to his forever home, but we also realized that we wanted that forever home to be with us. And so we were absolutely overjoyed when we were asked if we would like to adopt Fritos as part of KK9R’s VIP foster-to-adopt program. As we had become closer to Fritos, we had come to understand that he was exactly the furry family member we had been dreaming of.” 

“Fast-forward to a two years later, when we had finally saved up enough to buy a coop apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens. Even though Fritos isn’t technically on the mortgage, we all know he’s the boss of the house. He has lots of space of his own to roam around, play with enrichment toys, and many beds to take naps on.”

“We still feed him JFFD every day, and it has played a major role in his recovery. His little snores are our favorite sound to go to sleep to and his sweet smiling face, airplane ears, and tail wags are the absolute best way to be welcomed home. He has dozens of nicknames, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, the most accurate is “our child.” 

*If you’d like to follow Fritos’ continuing journey with his mom and dad, you can find him at @monsieurfritos.

Special thanks to Just Food For Dogs for all their support to KK9R and for making Fritos’ favorite food!

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